Associated with the Underworld

Name_________________________ Humanities 120 – Exam II Section I – Multiple Choice (2 points each) 1. Which of the following is not associated with the Underworld: a. Satyrs b. Charon c. Styx d. Elysian Fields 2. Which of the following is not associated with the Sea? a. Amphitrite b. Proteus c. The Graia d. Triton 3. The goddess of victory, associated with Athena and often depicted as winged, is: a. Nemesis b. Chiron c. Eris d. Nike 4. Aesclepios was: a. a son of Apollo b. the god of medicine c. struck by a thunderbolt from Zeus because he cheated death d. all of the above 5. Cassandra, Medea, the Cumaean Sybil, and Tiresias all: a. were women Apollo desired b. were seers with knowledge of the future c. angered Hera d. suffered as a result of their arrogant defiance of the gods 6. Tantalus offended the gods by: a. daring to test their knowledge b. killing his own son c. offering a sacrilegious meal of human flesh to the gods d. all of the above 7. Tantalus was punished for his sins by: a. being forced forever to push a great rock up a hill that forever falls back down just before he reaches the top. b. being chained to a great fiery wheel that turns eternally c. being given knowledge of terrible things that are going to happen, but unable to speak. d. being trapped on an island where delicious food and water are forever out of reach. 8. Apollo pursued a girl named Daphne, who: a. was turned by her river god father into a laurel tree b. was turned into reeds, which Apollo turned into a musical instrument c. rejected him after he granted her wish for knowledge of the future d. asked for eternal life, but forgot to ask for eternal youth 9. Deucalion and Pyrrha were: a. an elderly couple who treated two mysterious travelers graciously, despite their poverty b. the son and daughter of Atlas who were the only survivors of the Great Flood c. a young king who had earned the favor of Apollo, and the lovely and virtuous bride Apollo had helped him win d. the king and queen of Crete, who offended Poseidon when the queen compared her beauty to Poseidon’s goddess wife, Amphitrite 10. Arachne, Marsyas, Phaeton, and Niobe all: a. angered Zeus when they refused to treat guests with proper hospitality b. accidentally and unknowingly committed terrible crimes c. suffered a terrible fate after they failed to recognize the superiority of the gods d. were destroyed by Zeus’s thunderbolts Section II – Use the names in the list below to fill in the blanks (2 points each). Use each only once. There will be a few left over. Perseus Alcmene Charon Adonis Sphinx Cadmus Europa Silenus Leda Cerberus Minotaur Chiron Orpheus Centaurs Oedipus Hebe Morpheus Dryads Hecate Gorgons Jason Dioscuri Sirens Polyphemus Helen Pegasus Io Ariadne Harpies Admetus Lethe Eris Danae Circe Hesperides 11. Medusa was one of three sisters called the _____________________________________. 12. She was beheaded by the hero named _________________________________. 13. A monster who killed anyone who could not answer her riddle was the ________________________. 14. The man who finally answered #13’s riddle, causing her to kill herself, was___________________. 15. The great musician who tried but failed to rescue his bride from the underworld was _______________________________. 16. The half man and half horse creatures who were known for their violent, barbaric behavior were the __________________________. 17. The only one of the creatures described in #16 who was known for wisdom, skill, and who was the trainer of heroes was: _________________________. 18. Theseus went to Crete to end the sacrifice of Athenian youths and maidens to a half-man, half-bull monster called the: ________________________________. 19. The daughter of King Minos of Crete, named ______________________, aided Theseus, but was deserted by Theseus on Naxos. The god Dionysus found her there and made her his bride. 20. The three-headed dog that guards the underworld was called _________________________________. 21. The grim boatman who ferries the souls of the dead across the Styx is named___________________________. 22. Zeus appeared in the form of a swan to make love to _____________________, Queen of Sparta. 23. The queen described in #22 gave birth to four children, including twin boys called the ____________________________. 24. __________________________ was locked in a windowless tower by her father, but Zeus gained access to her by changing into a shower of gold. The child of that union was the hero Perseus. 25. __________________________ was turned into a beautiful white heifer by Zeus, in order to protect her from Hera’s jealousy. It didn’t work. 26. The sorceress ______________________ helped Odysseus, but only after she had tried and failed to turn him into a pig, after she had already done so to his men. 27. Zeus came to ____________________________ in the form of a beautiful, apparently tame white bull. 28. The brother of #27, named___________________________, was instructed by an oracle to give up the search for her. He went on to found the city of Thebes. 29. A beautiful young man named _________________________ was beloved by both Aphrodite and Persephone. Their argument over him resulted in his having to spend part of the year in the upper world, and part in the underworld. 30. _______________________, the virtuous and strong-minded wife of Amphitryon, was approached by Zeus in the form of her own husband. 31. The goddess of discord, named _________________________, caused the conflict between three goddesses that would eventually lead to the Trojan War. 32. The _____________________________ were half-bird, half-women who made it impossible to live on their island by raiding meals and defecating on what they couldn’t carry away. 33. The goddess of youth is ___________________. She is at first the cupbearer of the gods until her position is given by Zeus to the Trojan prince Ganymede. 34. The hero who must bring the Golden Fleece back to the Greek world from Asia is _____________________. 35. King _______________________ had a wife named Alcestis who was so loyal to him that she was the only one willing to die in his place, so that he could remain alive. However, her sacrifice proved unnecessary when Heracles wrestled Death to save her. Section III – Essay (30 points) Choose one of the following statements, and, using your knowledge of particular stories to support your position, argue for or against the statement in three to five paragraphs. 1. Greek stories of the gods emphasized how similar gods and mortals were, so that the line separating gods and mortals sometimes became very blurred. This encouraged people in Greek society to forget or ignore the line, and become too sure of human godlikeness, power, and strength. Often, many stories would therefore also function to remind the human beings their limitations. 2. The Greek concept of justice was clearly based on the moral authority of the gods. How the gods behaved and what they expected of men formed the basis for guiding human beings’ behavior toward each other and set the standard for morality. 3. Greek heroes are often extraordinary individuals of extreme strength, courage, cleverness, skill, or talent, who accomplish seemingly impossible tasks against great odds. Their stories provided Greek society with admirable role models and set the standard of excellence for the young.


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